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The Green Vison Philanthropist

Your generous donations empower Amy Green’s vital 
mission to protect wildlife and combat climate change. 

Community Outreach

Empowering African
communities through education

Your generous donations empower Amy Green’s vital mission 
to protect wildlife and combat climate change.

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Green Vision is a philanthropic foundation established by Amy and Gary Green, dedicated to environmental conservation and aiding African communities. Our mission is to protect wildlife, combat climate change, and create a sustainable future.

“I love how music can bring
communities together and unite them
as one. My work with Jan Blomqvist and
The African Jam Band has shown me
how powerful music can truly be.”

— Amy Green

Help preserve natural habitats, combat wildlife trade

Your donation to Green Vision drives tangible change in environmental conservation. Whether it’s preserving natural habitats or championing anti-poaching efforts, your contribution matters.
About Me

The Green Vision

For Aspen philanthropist Amy Green, protecting the environment and uplifting African communities is her passion. With her two young daughters in mind, she intends to preserve the earth and its incredible creatures, rainforests and people.

Green is an ambassador for ACCF and Tusk, organizations that work to protect endangered species from poaching in Africa while supporting local grassroots conservation groups through education, encouragement and funding.

Amy Green

Preserving Africa's
Wildlife Heritage

Amy Green, an ambassador for ACCF and
Tusk, she fights to shield endangered
species and support local conservation
efforts in Africa.

Amy Green is a global ambassador for Tusk Trust 
Prince William’s charity.

Tusk is a non-profit organization that focuses on wildlife conservation and community development in Africa.

Amy Green's Environmental Philanthropy Goals

Safeguard Wildlife Habitat

Stop Poaching,
Combat animal Trade
Build Stronger

Enhance Community Livelihoods

Stop Poaching,
Combat animal Trade
Build Stronger

Enhance Community Livelihoods

Who we are

Our Impact, Making A Difference.

From the star-studded Footprint of Life Gala to the 100 Billion Meals initiative, we drive tangible impact for a sustainable planet.


was raised during the star-studded
Footprint of Life Gala.

$1 million

was raised for the 100 Billion
Meals initiative.


was raised during the
Karibu Africa Event

“ the environment is our future.
It's our duty to protect it, foster
it and keep it safe for our children
and their children ”

— Amy Green


The world is failing to address a catastrophic biodiversity collapse that not only threatens to wipe out beloved species and invaluable genetic diversity, but endangers humanity’s food supply, health and security. Not to mention the affect on people in the affected areas, particularly rural African communities.

Humanity stands at a crossroads.

The destruction of habitats such as forests, mangroves and grasslands was not cut in half. Overfishing did not decrease. Governments did not stop subsidizing fossil fuels, fertilizers and pesticides that are contributing to the biodiversity crisis.

Biodiversity loss is caused by five primary drivers: habitat loss, invasive species, overexploitation (extreme hunting and fishing pressure), pollution, climate change associated with global warming.

The biggest driver of biodiversity loss on land is habitat destruction and degradation, mainly because of farming. At sea, the biggest problem is overfishing.

Climate change will play an increasing role as its effects intensify over the coming years. And the twin crises of climate change and biodiversity loss are inextricably linked. For example, since trees soak up and help store carbon, clearing forests intensifies climate change, while restoring them helps mitigate it.

“By investing in nature, not only can we reduce extinctions, we can help address the climate issue. 

“We can also have healthier landscapes and healthier people.”

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