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For local hamptonites and philanthropists amy and gary green, giving back is a family tradition.


As the founder of the Green Vision Foundation, longtime New Yorker and former Fox sports journalist Amy Green (@amy_heart_green) clearly has a passion for philanthropy—and throwing a spectacular party.

With the season in full swing, she has her sights set on her Footprint of Life Gala, taking place Aug. 24 in Bridgehampton. We checked in with the chic, multitasking mom to learn more about her philanthropic efforts—and her favorite spots for summering around the East End.

Tell Us About Your Charity, The Green Vision Foundation.

My husband, Gary, and I founded the Green Vision Foundation together. The foundation hopes to create a movement that will bring like-minded organizations together to use the power of collective thinking to bring real change.

My passions include anti-poaching, conservation, rainforest preservation and climate change.

What Inspired You And Your Husband To Branch Out And Create Your Own Organization?

I am an ambassador for TUSK and ACCF—both of which are amazing and center around anti-poaching, which is my biggest focus.

What I found, though, is that when I am working with these organizations, they really only have the bandwidth to focus on one specific thing at a time, but there are so many more elements that we need to connect.

Our goal with the Green Vision Foundation was to bring these organizations together, so that we could build a larger community outreach platform and solve these problems together.

For example, there are communities in Africa that don’t know how to provide for themselves, so they pay small amounts of money to kill the animals.
Now, we can step in and provide education for them to do tourism, grow their own food and create their own fertilizer. But, in order to do that, we have to have the resources.

With all of the organizations linked together, we have a pathway for them to connect, and help source solutions to not one problem, but all of the problems regarding conservation.

What Would You Say Is a Driving Force
Behind Your Philanthropy?

I always say protecting the environment has always been my passion—especially because it took me a long time to have my children. I had a lot of fertility issues, and when I had my two daughters, I thought about these things so much more.
I want to be able to preserve the earth and its incredible creatures. It was something I truly felt like I had a calling to. I was driven to do this because I want them to have a beautiful life one day.

I don’t want them to wake up and not know what these animals are. It’s scary to think about, but it’s real!

You have the first Footprint of Life Gala in the Hamptons coming up Aug. 24. What can you buzz

This is acting as our introductory event. The gala is bringing five curated charities together to aid

  • anti-poaching,
  • rainforest conservation,
  • hunger crisis and
  • environmental protection efforts.

It’s really quite incredible because we have five standout organizations involved.

  • TUSK,
  • ACCF,
  • the Zangrillo Family Foundation and
  • Green Vision

are all bringing something unique to the table.
Each charity will bring speakers and conservation experts from all over the world, coming together as one and creating real solutions to various problems in all conservation areas.

You Mentioned This Is Acting As An Introductory Event. How Can We Expect To See The Gala Grow In The Upcoming Year?

This is a gala that we’re planning to expand and do in multiple locations around the country. I live in the Hamptons and have a lot of friends and partnerships here, so it’s the perfect location to debut the event.

Later this year, we’re planning to have the next gala in Miami during Art Basel, and then we’ll hopefully have two more to follow in the later months.

I view the Footprint of Life Gala as more of a movement rather than just one event. We’re hoping that we continue to grow each event and work with even more charities and organizations as we go on.

What Made You Decide On The Hamptons For The Gala’s First Location?

I think the thing that is so important for me to start the journey here is that obviously we’re longtime New Yorkers and we have our roots here, but I also love the attitudes toward philanthropy and the work that happens around the East End.

Everyone is so generous and kind. They truly do want to do good for the community and beyond, and that’s why I wanted to have my first gala here.

It’s a great way to represent our roots and celebrate being longtime New Yorkers. … I’m just so proud to be able to introduce this beautiful gala and beautiful movement to everyone.

What Is Your Favourite Part About Life On The East End?

We spend the majority of our summers out here in the Hamptons and we overall love the slow-living lifestyle.

We always love having our terrific private chef, Richard Pims, come cook these beautiful meals, and hosting our friends and family at the house.

I have my favorites spots, of course! O by Kissaki, Sí Sí, LuLu Kitchen & Bar and Sant Ambroeus Southampton for food; all of the cute fruit stands and farmers markets like Round Swamp Farm; and Homenature for all of my home goods.

It’s so nice to be able to travel to the different towns and try something new. The Hamptons does the relaxing, summer lifestyle so well—like no one else, really!

Upcoming Events

Upcoming events

Footprints of Life Gala

Join the Green Vision Foundation and our partners in supporting an evening that will inspire and create universal change.

Past Events


Impact Wealth Winter Issue Cover Release Party


Indigenous Empowerment Forum


Saving the Rhinos, South Africa


Silver Bells Holiday Dinner


TUSK Awards


Holiday cover party for the Philanthropy and fashion 2023 featuring Amy Green

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December 14, 2023

Elysian magazine, Women inspiring Women, Holiday Philanthropy Issue

ELYSIAN, an international luxury lifestyle brand created to inspire and reflect the interests of women, held the cover reveal private dinner for their 2023 Winter Holiday & Fashion issue in Aspen, Colorado, combining high jewelry, high society and high altitude. The Enchanted Silver Bells holiday dinner celebrated the launch of the latest issue of Elysian Magazine with cover star Amy Green and was held at Casa Tua in Aspen. The Dinner event included a number of festive, fun features including ice sculptures, a silent auction, and Chopard’s latest collection where Amy is the cover model for Chopard’s latest Holiday collection, plus a special musical performance by LP Giobbi. Karen Floyd, Publisher of ELYSIAN MAGAZINE and well-wishers came together for a special celebration of the magazine and its latest cover star, Amy Green. “The 2023 Winter issue is dedicated to the spirit of charity – to the well of generosity,” ELYSIAN Publisher Karen Floyd said. The image selected of Amy Green for the cover has her wearing an exclusive piece from Chopard. Cover star Amy Green commented, “I am feeling so grateful to be on the cover of Elysian magazine’s Holiday issue. It was so nice to celebrate in my town of Aspen, Colorado. So many inspiring women came from all over to give and share in this special evening. We are proud to give back to local food banks including Lift Up and Food Bank of the Rockies to help families during this special time of year.” Amy Green and husband Gary Green of real estate giant SL Green Realty Corp are co-founders of the Green Vision Foundation and held their inaugural “Footprint of Life Gala” in the Hamptons during Summer 2023 to raise funds for wildlife and nature-related causes including Tusk and The African Community & Conservation Foundation (ACCF). Notable Attendees included: Karen Floyd, Amy Green, Gary Green, Dr. Christina Rahm, Clayton Thomas, LP Giobbi , Robert Bestwick, Holly Hunt, David Corso, Mark Hunt, Christy Ferer, Debbie Fields, Kimberli Scott Still, Jeff Still, Erica Pelosini, Nathalie Paris, Giorgio Merlino.

November 17, 2023

Embracing a Green Vision: A Mother’s Plea for the Planet

In the tender embrace of motherhood, as I cradle the dreams of my two beautiful daughters, the urgency to reshape our world reverberates with newfound intensity. As a global ambassador for Tusk Trust and ACCF, the birth of the Green Vision Foundation became more than a mission—it became a soul-stirring commitment to safeguard our planet for the generations yet to unfold. Biodiversity, the symphony of life that paints our ecosystems with vibrant hues, is not just a scientific concept—it’s the beating heart of our existence. In the lush landscapes where elephants and rhinoceros roam freely, we find the essence of our shared humanity. It’s a call to arms against the impending silence that threatens to engulf our world as precious wildlife teeters on the brink of extinction. As a mother, I stand at the intersection of love and responsibility, compelled to transcend the notion of division and foster unity. I cannot fathom a world where my daughters wake up to a reality devoid of the majestic presence of elephants and the awe-inspiring sight of rhinoceros. The fragility of our natural resources is a stark wake-up call to humanity—a plea from the Earth itself. In the face of this existential crisis, we are not just shaping the fate of nations; we are sculpting the destiny of humanity. Our actions today determine the legacy we leave for tomorrow. Green Vision is not merely a foundation; it’s a testament to the collective strength of hearts beating in unison, striving to protect the irreplaceable wonders bestowed upon us. Join me on this emotional odyssey, where the fate of nations converges with the destiny of our children. Let’s turn the tide from diminishing to flourishing, from despair to hope. Together, we can rewrite the narrative and create a world where every sunrise brings the promise of a thriving planet for the ones we cherish the most.

November 17, 2023

Embracing a Green Vision: A Call to Preserve Our Planet

In a world facing escalating challenges of poaching, dwindling biodiversity, and environmental degradation, my journey as a global ambassador for Tusk Trust and ACCF has been a catalyst for change. Fueled by an unwavering passion for safeguarding our planet, I took a leap into action by founding the Green Vision Foundation. Green Vision stands as a testament to the urgency of creating communal spaces where communities unite to address real issues in conservation. It’s not just an initiative; it’s a movement driven by a shared commitment to protect the Earth and its magnificent inhabitants. At the core of my advocacy lies a profound belief in the power of education as the frontline of conservation. Our obligation to preserve this planet compels us to understand and coexist harmoniously with wildlife. It’s a call to take decisive steps to conserve and replenish Earth’s natural resources, ensuring a legacy of abundance for generations to come. Join me in this transformative journey, where the narrative shifts from despair to hope, from apathy to action. Let’s embark on a mission to not just save our planet but to thrive alongside it. Education is the beacon guiding us, and together, we can build a sustainable future—one where humanity and nature coexist in harmonious balance.

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The Green family is hosting the first 100 Billion Meals “Fire and Ice Benefit” in Aspen.

New Aspen residents Gary and Amy Green are wasting no time getting involved in their new community and beyond.

Next week, the Greens are hosting the “Fire and Ice” fundraiser to support the 100 Billion Meals Challenge & The Future of Food initiatives — an event that Amy said she organized in about a month.

The 100 Billion Meals Challenge launched at the 2022 Forbes Giving Pledge Dinner and Philanthropy Summit with self-help guru Tony Robbins to fund and help organizations across the globe by partnering with those most proven to be effective in combating global hunger.

“I realized that there was a huge need to jump in and be a part of this commitment to deliver one billion meals to families struggling with hunger in the United States,” Amy said.

The Greens are involved with philanthropic efforts that address climate change and food insecurity issues.

Recently moving their family from New York to Aspen full time, the Greens have been awarded and honored for their philanthropic work with organizations over the years, including the African Community & Conservation Foundation, the Tusk Trust, and, most recently, the 100 Billion Meals Challenge & The Future of Food.

These three charities all support the climate, the ability to produce fertilizer, and support agricultural efforts in Africa and other emerging nations with the goal of feeding the world and ending world hunger.

Amy, a FOX Sports TV reporter for 20 years, met Gary when he bought his first Minor League baseball team, the Omaha Storm Chasers, from Warren Buffet in 2012.

Gary is a son of American real-estate developer Stephen L. Green, is a real-estate mogul in New York, and has an extensive philanthropic background, having supported various charities around the world.

As a mother of two young children, Amy said she thinks about the future of her daughters Giada Viola, 2, and Gemma Jade, 3 months, and the world she’ll leave to them.  

The Greens want to build a better world for their two young daughters Giada Viola and Gemma Jade.

When looking at the climate crisis, worsening statistics, and reports of irreversible damage, as a mother to two young children, she can’t help but think of her daughters, she said, and wants her girls to grow up in a world that understands how important it is to give back. 

“I just don’t understand why anyone must go without a meal. I just don’t understand it,” Amy said.  “I do understand that there’s politics, and sometimes we can’t get the food where we need it to go, but there’s so much waste, and we could do so much with that. People sometimes don’t realize how many people are starving out there.”

Aside from the natural beauty and healthy lifestyle that she wanted to provide her children by moving to Aspen, she also noticed a sense of philanthropy and social responsibility in the community here.

The Greens recently relocated to Aspen from New York after falling in love with the natural beauty and community here.

She emphasized that some of the proceeds of the event will go to supporting local efforts to combat food insecurity in the Roaring Fork Valley.

The inaugural “Fire and Ice” benefit gala will be held at the ASPENX Mountain Club on March 17, and bring together celebrities, entrepreneurs, and philanthropists in support of the organization’s mission to fight against the world hunger crisis.

The event, which can only accommodate 200 guests, will feature a red carpet, cocktails, curated food delights, a silent auction, reception, and a live auction.

There also will be live entertainment with special guest performances, including Grammy-award winning rapper Darryl McDaniels from hip hop legacy group Run-DMC, DJCharlie Chan, and stand-up comedian/social media sensation Josh Nasar.

UNICEF will match each $1 awarded to the 100 Billion Meals Challenge throughout the evening.

“My message would be to dig deep in your heart and remember just how very lucky you are every day,” said Amy. “And if you could just give a very little of your time or your abundance towards this cause, it would make a huge difference and so many lives.”


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