“ The Green Vision hopes to create a
movement that will bring like-minded
organizations together to use the power
of collective thinking to make real
change. ”

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Amy Green

My Story: Amy Green's Journey

Following an illustrious two-decade career as a FOX Sports reporter, Los Angeles native Amy Heart Green is now one of America’s most prominent philanthropists, global ambassadors and thought leaders, having single-handedly raised more than three million dollars in the past year for conservation and anti-poaching initiatives.

She now dedicates her time and resources to a plethora of charities, serving as an ambassador to the African Community & Conservation Foundation (ACCF), the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF), and along with her husband Gary, a lifelong New Yorker whom she met in 2012 when he bought his first Minor League Baseball team, the Omaha Storm Chasers, the couple are global ambassadors to Prince William’s charity, the Tusk Trust, which accelerates the impact of African-driven conservation.

Moreover, Amy and Gary recently launched their own foundation, The Green Vision, focused on raising funds through an inaugural “Footprint of Life” gala and bringing together the world’s leading climate change-focused organizations to collaborate on solutions for some of the planet’s most pressing environmental crises. In August 2023, the couple hosted the star-studded annual event, raising much-needed awareness about the future of our planet, with a particular focus on efforts to protect our rainforests and wildlife and empower indigenous people in their communities.

“The Footprint of Life gala was not just about raising needed funds dedicated to the preservation of our planet, anti­-poaching, rainforest protection, education, improving livelihoods and climate change around the world, it was also about raising the universal vibration,” Amy stated while discussing the importance and impact of the event. “Coming together to find ways to support each other and make change in the most crucial parts of the world is vitally important. I am so fortunate to be able to raise my beautiful family in this lovely world, and I cannot imagine waking up one day and all of our natural resources have been diminished and our wildlife extinct.”

By supporting anti-poaching patrols, education and conservation programs, Amy remains committed to improving livelihoods, biodiversity, and communities worldwide. In addition, Amy has been selected to speak at summits for the Deepak Chopra Foundation and Forbes 400 Philanthropy.

Furthermore, the power couple is committed to using their mutual love of sports to nurture budding talent worldwide. They own multiple minor league baseball teams, as well as a Baseball America and a soccer team dedicated to bringing on board incredibly gifted athletes who don’t have the financial means to travel to play. Moreover, they served as co-producers on the Judd Apatow-directed 2016 ESPN “30 for 30” documentary, “Doc & Darryl,” which illuminated the stories of two former Mets players and recovering addicts – Dwight Gooden and Darryl Strawberry – who were not close friends but came together on-screen to share and converse about their trials and tribulations. 

Amy has helped facilitate incredible change globally, and her unrelenting devotion to helping others – and the planet – has been featured in various publications, including Forbes Magazine, Haute Living, People magazine and the Aspen Times.

In Amy’s words, to achieve anything in life, one must be a giving and loving person – and that extends to our planet, taking care of the animals and creatures that walk among us. Her goal is to create a movement whereby everyone can play a pivotal part in leading with generosity and putting our minds together to create a better world.

“Sustainability, education, and love of animals have always been close to my heart. I have been promoting these causes throughout my life and am honored to take this a step further by growing our Foundation, the GreenVision and continuing to be a Global ambassador for important organizations such as Tusk Trust and ACCF”.

As a mother to Giada Viola and Gemma Jade, Amy is focused on involving her young daughters in the family’s multitude of philanthropic pursuits and intent on leaving them a better world than the one they entered.

The Green family splits their time between Aspen, London, New York City and The Hamptons. When not deeply entrenched in charitable endeavors, they can be found exploring the great outdoors – whether it is hitting the slopes or soaking in the summer sunshine.

“As a mother, I understand the importance of this for the next generation. When I look at the climate crisis, worsening statistics, and reports of irreversible damage, I can’t help but think of my daughters and the world I’m leaving behind for them. We cannot continue to ignore the crisis. While others talk about change, the GreenVision spearheads conservation and anti-poaching projects as well as community outreach programs that make a difference in the African and global landscape. Conservation is a key component of protecting ourselves, our planet, and our future. The Greenvision values and missions ensure we pay attention to urgent issues, invest in the African ecosystem, and promote practices that will reward us for years to come. I look forward to spreading this knowledge with other organizations to help use my power and influence to further sustainability, conservation, and our planet’s future.”

Amy Heart-Green | Journalist/Designer/ACCF Ambassador

The Dynamic Woman is energized by connecting with communities of all kinds.

“It’s important to be authentic and generous with your heart, time and energy. I would rather be inclusive than exclusive; it’s about inviting people into your world and learning how to be kind and generous and work together, especially women supporting other women. Together, we can make incredible things happen if we support and love each other.”

– Amy Green

“ The Green Vision hopes to
create a movement that will
bring like-minded organizations
together to use the power of
collective thinking to make real
change. ”

— Amy Green

Green hosted the Footprints of Life Gala with her charity.


The Green Vision, in the Hamptons on August 24. The gala brings together five curated charities to aid anti-poaching. rainforest conservation, the hunger crisis, and environmental protection efforts.


UNICEF and Forbes are involved, and Green is delighted that her vision for this event is coming to life.


Rainforest conservation

The hunger crisis


protection efforts

“The Green Vision hopes to create a movement that will bring like-minded organizations together to use the power of collective thinking to make real change.”

- Amy Green.


Amy Heart’s new vegan clothing line, Giada will launch Feb 2024. She maintains the correlation that by making choices that honor ourselves and the world around us – by protecting our earth, our animals – we become more of the gorgeous divine Goddesses we truly are. “My desire is to help people to become more mindful about our climate and appreciate the beauty of all living creatures.”


“My designs embody what it means to feel beautiful in our own skin and feel good about the choices we make. Using only raw materials such as bamboo, sugar cane, pineapple leaf, apple skin, cork and tree bark to replicate real leather is really remarkable. It is truly amazing that we have these resources available to us.”


– Amy Green

Footprint of Life Gala