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Amy Green has had the spirit of philanthropy instilled in her from a young age. The encouragement from her grandparents to give back and to be inclusive to those in need led Green to start getting involved with Habitat for Humanity and working alongside animal charities in her teen years. After a successful career as a sports journalist, Green experienced a decade-long journey of miscarriages. Once she did become a mother after seven rounds of IVF and gestational carrier she started to shift in the way she viewed philanthropy. Now she dedicates her time and resources as an ambassador to ACCF, Tusk and 100 Billion Meals.

“I have been always been a philanthropist at heart but I think something shifted with me the past couple few years with my fertility journey. While I did feel a great loss and sadness over not being able to carry, there was an inner strength that came from it because I knew that if I never gave up, I would be able to have my child. And when Giada came into my life, it was like my heart just opened up and I was able to give a hundred percent of myself fully. So there was a shift inside me to make it my life mission to give back in any way that I can,” she shared.

Amy and Gary Green with their children.
Amy and Gary Green with their children. COURTESY OF AMY GREEN

Green is also instilling that same spirit of philanthropy in her young daughters by involving them in her philanthropic efforts, especially with animals. ACCF is an anti-poaching organization using anti-poaching units backed by cutting-edge technology with a state-of-the-art digital radio network and accompanying law enforcement database. Tusk’s mission is to amplify progressive conservation initiatives across Africa. “As a mother, I understand the importance of this for the next generation. When I look at the climate crisis, worsening statistics, and reports of irreversible damage, I can’t help but think of my daughter and the world I’m leaving behind for her,” Green said. As an ambassador, Green uses her own time and resources to build awareness and raise funding for these charities while involving her own community.

In the fall of 2022, Green and her husband Gary Green met Tony Robbins at the Forbes Giving Pledge Dinner and Philanthropy Summit discussing how major world leaders can address world hunger. During the summit, the 100 Billion Meals Challenge was formed and spearheaded by Robbins to fund and resource organizations across the globe by partnering with those most proven effective in their areas. It is an impactful way to collaboratively bring individuals, corporations, and organizations together to mobilize money, messaging, and moments to address an imperative real-world need. Green and her husband had recently located to Aspen and knew they could bring together their new community to raise money for this new initiative.

As the first fundraising event for 100 Billion Meals, the Greens hosted the Fire & Ice Gala which brought together celebrities, entrepreneurs and philanthropists with support from Stronger Foundation, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, and UNICEF. 100 Billion Meals raised 500k during the two days of festivities and Unicef has matched every dollar raised to help other organizations that also address world hunger.

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For local Hamptonites and philanthropists amy and Gary green, giving back is a family tradition.