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In this exclusive interview, Amy Green shares her inspiring journey, her strategies for successful fundraising, the motivation behind her initiative The Green Vision, and her aspirations for a sustainable future. The interview is part of Exeleon’s Women History Month Celebration.

From the sidelines of FOX Sports to the frontlines of global conservation, Amy Green’s journey is a testament to the power of purpose-driven transformation. With a remarkable two-decade career as a FOX Sports host behind her, Amy has seamlessly transitioned into a role that reflects her deep commitment to making a difference in the world.

Today, she stands as one of America’s Most influential philanthropists, global ambassadors, and thought leaders, having single-handedly raised over two million dollars in the past year for conservation and anti-poaching initiatives.

Amy’s dedication to philanthropy extends beyond her impressive fundraising achievements. She serves as an ambassador to the African Community & Conservation Foundation (ACCF) and the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF). Alongside her husband Gary, a lifelong New Yorker and fellow advocate for change, Amy is also a global ambassador to Prince William’s charity, the Tusk Trust, which is dedicated to accelerating African-driven conservation efforts.

In her latest endeavor, Amy has launched The Green Vision foundation, aiming to raise funds through the inaugural “Footprint of Life” gala and foster collaboration among the world’s leading climate change-focused organizations.

Can you share your journey from being a FOX Sports television host to becoming a prominent philanthropist and global ambassador?

My journey from having a sports show and interviewing athletes to becoming a prominent philanthropist and global ambassador has been deeply rooted in my passion for the health of our planet and protecting wildlife. This passion has always been in my heart, and my previous career provided me with the opportunity to reach a vast audience, spreading the crucial message of proactive environmental conservation.

I am grateful for the relationships and connections I cultivated during my time in sports broadcasting, as they helped me transition into a position where I could share grace and information on a larger scale. It’s fulfilling to see how my background has enabled me to make a meaningful impact in environmental activism and wildlife preservation. I’m committed to continuing this journey and advocating for a sustainable future for our planet.

As someone who has raised over two million dollars for conservation and anti-poaching initiatives, what strategies have you found most effective in fundraising?

In my experience of raising over two million dollars for conservation and anti-poaching initiatives, I’ve found that authenticity and passion are key to effective fundraising. It’s crucial to genuinely convey your passion for the project and allow individuals to connect with it on a personal level. Rather than solely focusing on raising money, it’s about raising vibrations and inspiring others to join you in making a positive impact.

By believing deeply in the cause and conveying that belief with enthusiasm, you create a positive synergy that resonates with people and motivates them to contribute in various ways. It’s about emphasizing the bigger picture and showing individuals how their contributions can make a tangible difference in protecting our planet and its wildlife. Ultimately, it’s this genuine passion and belief that foster a sense of community and drive successful fundraising efforts.

What motivated you to launch The Green Vision, and what are its primary goals?

The motivation behind launching The Green Vision stemmed from a deep-seated desire to address the pressing environmental challenges facing our planet. Witnessing firsthand the detrimental effects of climate change and habitat destruction fueled my determination to take action.

The primary goal of The Green Vision is to foster a more sustainable future by implementing innovative solutions, raising awareness, and mobilizing communities to protect our environment and wildlife for generations to come.

How does The Green Vision facilitate collaboration between leading climate change-focused organizations?

The Green Vision facilitates collaboration between leading climate change-focused organizations by serving as a platform for dialogue and collective action. Through strategic partnerships and initiatives, we aim to harness the collective expertise and resources of diverse organizations to tackle environmental issues more effectively.

It’s about collaboration. Absolutely, collaborating and leveraging each other’s resources creates a beautiful synergy that amplifies our collective impact. By pooling our expertise, knowledge, and resources, we can achieve far more together than we could individually. Together, we can create a brighter and more sustainable future for our planet.

What are your long-term goals for your philanthropic work and The Green Vision foundation?

My long-term aspirations are centered on creating a safer world for my children and future generations. This includes a strong commitment to protecting wildlife, preserving endangered species, and conserving biodiversity. By actively engaging in these efforts, I aim to leave behind a legacy of environmental stewardship and inspire others to join the cause.

Through collaboration, education, and advocacy, I believe we can create a future where humans and nature thrive in harmony. This entails not only safeguarding our planet’s rich biodiversity but also addressing the root causes of environmental degradation and climate change. Ultimately, my goal is to contribute to a sustainable and resilient world that ensures a better quality of life for all living beings.

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